The Amex Platinum card is getting a lot of flack lately ever since the lounge access has been revoked. All you have to do is go to the Amex website and look at all the recent reviews regarding the card. However, even with all the bad press, I am going to consider this card within the next year.


Here are the top benefits I do see in the card:

  • $300 room credit when you book a cruise (my partner and I do enjoying cruising quite a bit.) 
  • $200 airline credit each year.
  • No foreign transaction fee (although I’m not sure how many companies accept Amex in other countries.) 
  • Companion ticket… although this is useless, because you have to buy a refundable Business class or First class ticket! So maybe if Amex eventually alters this perk to actually benefit its members, this will be useful in the future.


So although these perks probably don’t completely justify the $450 annual fee (unless I were to use the airline and cruise credits each and every year) I will most likely signup for the Platinum card if I ever get a targeted offer from Amex with a signup bonus more than 40,000 points.