Update: As of October 13, 2014, Amazon Payments will no longer allow person-to-person payments. Click here for the update.

Amazon Payments is an easy way to manufacture spend $1,000 a month without any cost to you! Amazon is trying to compete with PayPal to send and receive money to friends and family. Amazon limits you to $1,000 a month and there’s absolutely no fee. You can do this with any credit card and to this date there’s no credit card company that has treated an Amazon Payment as a cash advance!

In order to manufacture spend with Amazon Payments you’ll need two accounts and I HIGHLY recommend to only put ONE account in your name! In order to create a second account to send money to you’ll need someone you trust like a spouse, family member, or friend.

After your have your accounts setup, you’ll send money to the second Amazon Payments account by entering their e-mail address. Here’s a screenshot: 

Amazon Payments Manufactured Spending

If you don’t already have your credit card on file with Amazon, then you’ll have to add it beforehand. Just make sure to select Goods/Services when sending a payment otherwise you’ll be charged a cash advance fee from your credit card company!

I can’t send more than $500? If Amazon Payments is not allowing you to send over $500, then you need to make sure you’ve added a bank account and it’s verified. This is done exactly like PayPal. If you have online banking, then you should be able to verify your account instantly. If not, you’ll have to wait a day or two for two small deposits to hit your bank account before you can verify.

Payment pending? After you’ve sent the payment, the status may be stuck in pending for up to 24 hours. My first payment I sent was stuck overnight and didn’t release until the next morning. Every payment after that has either gone through instantly or within an hour.

Amazon Payments

Now that you’ve sent your first $1,000 payment: The next thing you want to do after the payment has cleared is to transfer the money from the second Amazon Payments account into a bank account. (Again, you’ll have to make sure a bank account is verified with both Amazon Payments accounts. Don’t use the same bank for both Amazon Payments accounts!) If I request the money to be withdrawn in the morning, I’ve seen the money in my bank as early as the next day! Amazon is FAST at transferring money! Once the money has gone into the bank, you can then setup BillPay to send the $1,000 right  back to your credit card company. Then just sit back and collect your miles! Whatever you do, DON’T send the the money from the second Amazon Payments account back to the first account and then withdraw the money. Amazon can see this and you’ll get shutdown. 

After the money has cleared the bank account, it’s safe to then setup a credit card payment to be sent from the second Amazon Payments account to the first Amazon Payments account. What does this mean? With 2 accounts, you’ll actually be able to manufacture spend $2,000 a month without any fees involved! The same rules above apply for this second transaction.


Here are some tips and tricks that have worked successfully for me:

  1. I have sent $1,000 on a credit card from AP account 1 >> AP account 2 and then used the same credit card to send another $1,000 from AP account 2 >> AP account 1.
  2. I needed another bank account, so the easiest way to open an account without actually visiting a branch is to open an online bank account such as Ally Bank.

I have yet to be shutdown from Amazon payments. The above information has been working for me for months, but as always YMMV (your mileage may vary).