I went to go do a little manufactured spending today at my favorite grocery store, and they were completely sold out of Meta Bank Visa gift cards! These are the variable load gift cards that you can buy ranging from $20 – $500. The Meta Bank gift cards are not the cheapest ($5.95 per card) but they were convenient for me to purchase since the grocery store is right next to Wal-Mart where I can then hop over and deposit the gift cards to my Blue Bird accounts. Another great reason why I purchase Meta Bank gift cards from this particular grocery store is they have a NO LIMIT policy to how many gift cards you can buy. The ladies love me there and they call me “the gift card man.” Depending on my needs, I would purchase anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 in gift cards in one visit!

Metabank Visa gift cards

Here are what the Meta Bank Visa gift cards look like. You can typically purchase them at grocery stores.

I’ve been meaning to check out the new Simon Mall they built near my home since I read on FlyerTalk that you can purchase Visa gift cards at the information desk. So after running around to multiple grocery stores, only to find out that they were all sold out of Meta Bank Visa gift cards, I finally decided to drive to the Simon Mall. I’m glad I did, because the gift cards are only $2.95 per card. That’s half the cost of what I’m spending now on gift cards, and I spend quite bit! I typically do about $25,000 a month in gift cards. If I purchase all my gift cards at Simon Mall, I’ll be looking at a $147.50 a month versus $297.50!

Manufactured spending with Simon Mall Visa gift cards

Here are what the Simon Mall Visa gift cards look like. Make sure to buy Visa and not American Express! I bought 6 $500 gift cards for a grand total of $3,000.

According to FlyerTalk, the daily limit is $10,000, but the lady informed me their daily limit is $3,000. It must vary from Simon Mall to Simon Mall. Since I was purchasing so many gift cards I had to fill out a form that asked for my name, driver’s license number and address. I showed the cashier¬†the form even stated the daily limit is $10,000, but after confirming in her notes and calling her manager, she stuck by the¬†$3,000 limit. I didn’t want to push it since she already seemed nervous. I always volunteer why I am buying so many cards and I told her that I’m a points collector. This always seems to ease the cashiers minds since there’s so much fraud that’s happening these days.

How can you find your nearest Simon Mall?

They have a store locator on their website. Simply punch in your zip code and hopefully you’ll find a Simon Mall not too far from you! The mall near my house just opened in August. Thankfully I’m close to it since the next mall is about 25 minutes away.

Please let me know if you have any experience with Simon Mall gift cards. I would like to know if the process has been smooth for you if you buy gift cards in the thousands. My local grocery store may decide to not carry anymore Meta Bank gift cards after talking with the customer service rep. If that’s the case, then my options are dwindling down. I don’t want to blow my chances with my local Simon Mall!