Over the years I would say that the number of scams directed towards tourists has gone down and the club and bar scene is not as shady as it used to be but you still need to be on guard. Don’t follow some random girl you meet on the street to a bar. It feels silly to even have to repeat this but the amount of guillible tourists who fall for this simple scam is shocking. Pretty girl approaches you on the street and recommends a bar to go where you will be charged obscene amounts and maybe even drugged so your judgement gets f-ed up.

Sorry for starting the nightlife guide in such a negative manner but I had to do. Overall the nightlife in Moscow is still going strong while the central east european cities(like Prague) have been on the decline. I think the visa requirements is still keeping the amount of tourists at acceptable rates(meaning the clubs haven’t been struck by the infamous thirsty hoardes of foreign dudes yet)


Yes, it’s a known mainstream club but it’s actually good. Large venue and not so terrible music, smoking hot women as far as the eye can see. It’s pricey though and you definitely need to dress up. The bouncers can reject you if you don’t look the part. You will see tourists hanging out here but the numbers are few and it’s still a club heavily dominated by native russians. I’m not naive so I’m sure some of the girls frequenting this club are working girls but I didn’t personally run into girls who offer pay for play. Before I went to this club I did expect it to be crowded with working girls, similar to the clubs in the centre of Kiev. If anyone wants to correct me on this fact please shoot me an email.

Soho Rooms

Even stricter dress codes than Icon, you definitely need to dress up for this club and it’s very pricey. The most expensive club I have ever gone to in all of eastern europe. You will pay an arm and a leg for food and drinks here. You even see famous russian faces, it’s the club that big shots flock to. Honestly, my advice to 90% of guys out there, you’re wasting your time if you’re going to this club. If you are actually interested in meeting girls unless you’re multi millionaire who can spend a small fortune on a night out just don’t bother with this club. There are very attractive women in this club but they are not accessible for your average guy. Even your above average guy will struggle here, the competition is stiff here.

Kot Shredingera

A nice bar to start your night out. Friendly enough atmosphere that even if you venture out here alone you will probably end up talking to a bunch of people.


Smoke water pipe and have some drinks, a chill bar to start your night with. Not sure which one I like most, VLounge or Kot but both are very good bars for starting your night.