When I did my Europe trip this summer from July 9th – July 28th, I flew American Airlines from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Philadelphia, and then from there to London on British Airways. I landed in Philadelphia just before 3:00 pm, so I headed over to the British Airways lounge and went into the “1st lounge” which is only for 1st class passengers. I started off by having a couple mixed cocktails. The waiter was hopping around and taking orders. When he brought my drink, I tried to tip him and he stated that they can’t accept tips. Oops! My mistake. This is my 1st time flying 1st class overseas (^_^) I then moved over to the dining area where they said I could take a seat at any time and have my pre-flight dinner. I had a vegetarian option which was OK. I’m not quite sure what it was, but it was mushy and very small portion.

Before I continue on to the 1st class experience on the plane, I want to post pictures of the Philadelphia 1st class lounge! Please see below:

Here is a picture of the bar where you can serve yourself soda, liquor, snacks, etc.

PHL British Airways 1st class lounge

This is the sitting area where I sat. I like the curtains that divide the sitting areas. The couches were also very comfortable.

PHL British Airways 1st class lounge

Just another sitting area and snack bar.

PHL 1st class lounge

More seats. The lounge wasn’t that big, but lots of seats!

British Airways PHL 1st class lounge

This was the dining area where I grabbed my pre-flight dinner. There were about 8 tables.

BA 1st class lounge in Philadelphia

A better picture of what the couch chairs look like.

BA 1st class lounge in PHL


After I had my pre-flight dinner and a few drinks, I headed over to my gate to begin the boarding process. I was so excited! My first time flying 1st class overseas! I was greeted at the door and as soon as they saw I was 1st class, the had a flight attendant show me to my seat, grab me some champagne, and they kept filling the glass as soon as they noticed it was empty! My flight attendant was a fruity gay guy and we got along just great! He kept saying “I might just have to take you home with me!” HaHa! I don’t mind a little flirtation 😉

Flying 1st class was the difference between night and day! As soon as I opened a menu and closed it, the flight attendants would ask if there was something I wanted. They were always willing to refill my drinks, and I like the touch that they call you by your last name! To remember 12 last names for every flight is pretty impressive. British Airways also offered slippers, pajamas, a care pack which included deodorant, a razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, chap stick, moisturizer, and eye cream.


Now on to the pictures of my 1st class seating area:

British Airways 1st class cabin.

British Airways 1st class

My British Airways 1st class seat. I was in row 2.

BA first class seat

This is what your own personal hut looks like in the 1st class lounge. Very roomy!

BA 1st class leg room

You get two windows with your 1st class seat. You can control the shade with the touch of a button!

BA 1st class window

Another view of the 1st class cabin.

BA 1st class flight from PHL

The food on the plane was excellent compared to what you’d receive in couch! I didn’t take pictures of all my food plates, because I forgot. Instead I did take pictures of the food options and the wine lists. I am vegetarian and I did request this before boarding. The flight attendants were aware of my special diet and they were very accommodating! I can’t quite remember what I all had, but I think you’ll be impressed.

Here are some pictures of the menu in 1st class:

I just have 1 picture of my food setup in 1st class.

British Airway 1st class food

Now onto the menu options.

British Airway 1st class menu

More options.

British Airways 1st class menu

More menu options.

British Airways 1st class menu

More menu options.

British Airways 1st class menu

More menu options.

British Airways 1st class menu

More menu options.

British Airways 1st class menu

Last page of the menu.

British Airways 1st class menu

Overall I was very impressed! I would fly British Airways again, the only problem is the fuel surcharge fees are quite expensive. I’ve written about how to avoid British Airways flights when trying to search for award seats on American Airlines’ website, aa.com. Luckily, I didn’t pay the fuel surcharge fees this time around. I was able to get my partner to pay for them as a gift! HaHa! I’m quite sneaky 😉

Let me know if you’re thinking about flying British Airways or if you have in the past and what your thoughts are.