I leave for Boston this morning on Delta flight 0808 and I had been contemplating if I should upgrade to First Class for $509 for the entire trip. The flight is about 3 hours each way, so surviving in coach wouldn’t be a problem (#FirstWorldProblems, right?) I’ve already paid $378 for my ticket. This would end up being a grand total of $887 for my ticket. Keep in mind, I pay for my tickets out of pocket if they’re below $400. I like to use miles for the costly flights.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I’ve been studying hard to get my certifications so can I move on up in the world and earn more money (I’m sure it’ll go right back into travel!). Anyway, I passed my first certification two weeks ago. I thought “I deserve to treat myself to First Class!” I upgraded my ticket using the small amount of miles I had sitting in my Barclaycard Arrival account: 7,500 miles. This took $75 off my upgrade bringing the price down to $434.

Delta First Class Breakfast Meal

I’ve never flown Delta First Class before. Let’s hope my breakfast this morning will have as many options as this!

I am officially calling this my worst travel hacking upgrade ever. This is why it’s always important to have a stash of miles available for when you want to do random upgrades like I just did! I’ve been so focused on earning miles with airline credit cards, that I’ve kind of put my Barclaycard Arrival and Capital One Venture card to the side. I’m still new to travel hacking, so I’m learning as I go. Now I see why the pros always say to diversify your points =)

The Barclaycard Arrival and Capital One Venture card are two of my favorites because you can use your miles to erase travel charges like flight upgrades, taxi rides, Uber and more.

I pretty much have the rest of the year planned out for how I’m going to manufacture spend on my credit cards, but my new year’s resolution will be to earn more miles on my Barclaycard Arrival and Capital One Venture cards. I’m sure I’ll have more random upgrades like this in the future and I want to be prepared. I also have my Italy trip coming up in April and I’m sure we’ll be taking trains and taxis to get around. This will be a great opportunity to erase those travel charges with the miles I build up.