UPDATE: Click here to read my latest post. I am still able to buy Vanilla Reloads with my credit card.

Whoa! Big news today that CVS is going to stop selling Vanilla Reload cards to customers who are trying to pay with a credit card starting April 1st. There are multiple reports this weekend that customers have gone to their local CVS store and saw the memo posted. Below is a picture of the memo:

CVS Vanilla Reload Memo









At this time we’re not sure if it’s a regional decision or nationwide, but my guess is that it’s going to be a nationwide decision since the customers who are reporting they saw the memo posted are in different parts of the country. I would highly recommend going to your local CVS stores today and tomorrow to buy as many Vanilla Reload cards as possible.

It’s also rumored that the CVS POS machines will be hard coded to not allow credit card. However, this will take time to update the POS machines, so if you are able to buy Vanilla Reload cards after March 31st, it may be because the cashier doesn’t know about the memo or their manager hasn’t let them know yet. I’m just hoping that my two local stores haven’t received the memo yet and they’ll continue to allow me to purchase the Vanilla Reload cards with my credit card.

I’ll be sure to update the article as the news unfolds over the next few days!