I mentioned in my tokyo nightlife guide that the amount of foreigners have increased steadily in tokyo clubs over the years and unfortunately the same is true in Osaka. You will not really get any exotic points for being a foreign dude in a club in 2018. Sometimes it even felt that Osaka clubs were even more packed with foreigners than the tokyo clubs. But there is one good upside, the ratios seems better in Osaka according to my own experience but mind you that I’ve spent far more time in Tokyo than Osaka so I could have just had a lucky run.

Also the stereotype of osaka people being more friendly is true for the most part. Osakaites were more laid back and seemed easier to talk to people in bars and clubs compared to Tokyoites.

HK Club Q Bar

Not really a club, it’s nice bar though. It has been getting praise online lately but it’s still going strong(meaning it hasn’t been bombarded with only dudes yet, the ratios are fine). But I wouldn’t necessarily go here if my main point is to hook up, seems more like a place where friends and couples come to hang out. You might want to go here if you’re in a Group and just starting your night out.

Ghost Ultra Lounge

Osaka’s version of Club Harlem. A nice hip hop club with friendly staff. Bouncers and bartenders seemed chill and yes there quite a few foreigners in this club, it’s one of the more mainstream clubs in Osaka so that is to be expected. The ratio of men to women is not horrible, think it was 60-65% men and 30-35% women on the night I was there which is acceptable for Japan considering how bad the ratios generally are. The venue itself is very good, large place that gets packed on the weekends and nice air conditioning.

Club Piccadilly Umeda Osaka

Women enter free on some nights which makes the ratios really good here sometimes. If you want to pick up japanese girls in osaka this club might be a good choice.

Even if you’re not a young guy chasing women, it’s a good club. It’s big venue, famous DJs playing, friendly staff and a mixed crowd of internationals and locals. However, far more japanese than gaijins because, again this isn’t a roppongi club but foreigners were definitely noticeable.

Berg Osaka

A club that plays more typical club music. Also a mainstream club with decent amount of foreigners. Easy to get in and the prices are averagish. The venue is large and gets jam packed on the weekends just like the club mentioned above.