Oslo is so expensive it makes Stockholm look cheap in comparison. If you don’t mind paying an arm and a leg for the entrance fee and drinks then I have good news for you Oslo with its 600,000 inhabitants offer an excellent varied nightlife. As usual with the Scandinavian big cities, you will almost never run into anyone who doesn’t have a decent grasp of the English language.

Similar to Stockholm, people tend to go out in groups and not venture outside of their groups. People tend to open up as the night progresses though.

If you’re looking for a night out on monday through thursday your options will be severely limited. If you’re coming here for a short stay, I strongly suggest you come for the weekend. Flights will be more expensive but it’s worth it.

One thing that surprised me was that even though Oslo is small the number of tourists was surprisingly low in clubs and bars I visited. I wonder if the prices are keeping weekend stag parties away.

Where to stay

Oslo city center is small all you need to do is stick to Karl Johan Gate – the main street where 90% of the nightlife occurs. The worst case scenario the bar or club you want to visit is a few minutes walk from Karl Johan Gate, that’s what I like about Oslo the nightlife is concentrated into one area so logistics is rarely a problem unless you’re staying out in the suburbs.

Cafe Sør

A laidback cocktail bar with famous local DJs playing here regularly.  A beer is a whopping 86 NOK(about $10) and cocktails range from 120 NOK to 150 NOK.


Mainstream club in the center. Prices are high but the club is good. Somewhat strict door policy. You can get denied entry if you don’t look the part. Always a fair share of international and domestic tourists in this club. Not sure if this is the go to place for locals. Either way, I enjoyed my time here.


My favorite place. They play alternative music here. Rock and Jazz bands play here from time to time. But as Jaeger it’s also pricey.

Not so touristy here. Mostly middle cass norweigans who frequent this place.


Also one of my favorite place. Small time artists play and it’s laidback atmosphere. Even though this place is frequented by hipsters it’s not cheap.