I took Teddy over to Europe for his very first time last month! If you read my About Me page, you’ll know then that I have a friend who lives in Germany. I’ve been going to Europe since 2005 and this would be my 5th time visiting Europe.

We left Minneapolis, St. Paul International airport on Friday, April 10th. We flew US Airways/American Airlines Business Class for 100,000 miles round-trip each since we still have miles from the Citi 100,000 miles sign-up offer. We flew from Minneapolis to Charlotte, NC and then from Charlotte to Rome.

Travel Hack Guy in American Airliness Business Class

I really enjoyed American Airlines Business class! We flew on an Airbus A330-300 plane.

Here’s a view of the entire Business Class cabin on American Airlines:

American Airliness A330-300 Business Class

Here’s an overall view of the American Airlines Business Class cabin.

When we got to Charlotte, our flight was suppose to leave at 6:25pm, but due to mechanical issues, American Airlines kept pushing our departure time back 30 minutes. After the 2nd delay, we ended up going to the Admiral’s Club to get some food and relax. After about 3 hours, they finally decided to get a new plane. I think our final departure time was around 9:00pm.

American Airlines Business Class menu

I’m vegetarian, so I called American Airlines ahead of time to make sure they’d have an option for me. After looking at the menu, I realized that this probably wasn’t necessary since both our departure and return flights already had a vegetarian option.

I forgot to take pictures on the way over to Europe! So these photos are actually from our return flight home. I think it still does a good job to show the variety of options that American Airlines has for their Business Class customers.

American Airlines Business Class Menu 1

American Airlines main course meal options. If it has a “VE” next to it, then it’s vegetarian.

Next is the dessert menu:

American Airlines Business Class Menu 2

My favorite part of the meal, the dessert menu! I had the cannoli and I thought it was pretty delicious!

Next up is the wine list:

American Airlines Business Class Menu 3

Here were the wine options on our flight. I ended up going with the Shiraz. Our flight attendants kept coming around and filling up our glasses! I have to admit, I was tipsy by the time I finally decided to get some sleep 🙂

Finally, we have the beverage menu:

American Airlines Business Class Menu 4

These were all the additional beverages you could order.

How would I compare AA to my British Airways flight from last summer?

I was quite surprised with the food options and service that American Airlines provided. I am still new to flying First Class overseas, but I would have to say that my food on British Airways last July was better. Why? I think the main reason is that British Airways has better customer service and you can order food at any time throughout the flight. American Airlines sets up a snack bar in the gallery in between meals.

It was a close call though, because…..

American Airlines Ice Cream dessert

When I went to the snack bar after my meal, the flight attendant gave me another dessert because they had leftovers!

Our return flight on American Airlines was far superior in customer service than our departure flight. That’s why I ranked British Airways higher than American Airlines, because we received the same excellent experience across the board with British Airways. I also like the fact that I can order off the menu whenever I want with British Airways.


I ended up receiving my own vegetarian meal since I called American Airlines ahead of time to make sure I’d have one on board. Had I known there would options on the menu already, I probably wouldn’t have called 🙁

I received an Asian meal, but I would have rather had the Seven Cheese Agnolotti option on the menu since it’s pasta! Italian food is my favorite.

American Airlines Vegetarian Business Class meal

This was my Asian vegetarian option that American Airlines gave me. I didn’t want to be rude and ask for the pasta option already on the menu, so I kept this meal instead.

And here was my dessert, a cannoli:

American Airlines cannoli dessert

The cannoli was delicious! It was very flavorful for airplane dessert.

Final thoughts

Overall I’m very satisfied with my first American Airlines Business Class experience. Although I did like British Airways better, I would choose American Airlines again over British Airways simply for the fact that I can save hundreds of dollars of fuel surcharge fees.

Up next: Part 2 – Our stay in Rome, Italy.