PayPal is a brand that is very well known for allowing customers to send payments to each other via the Internet. What most people don’t know is that you can fund your PayPal account with pre-paid cards that are called “PayPal My Cash” and they can be purchased at stores like CVS with your credit card! They look similar to Vanilla Reload cards, and the cost is only $3.95 per card. This is a great alternative to buying Visa gift cards at my local grocery store since they charge $5.95 per card!

Purchasing PayPal My Cash cards is an excellent way to rack up your miles and points with a rewards credit card. Once you deposit the money to your PayPal account, you can use a number of options to withdraw the funds so your able to pay off your credit card, all while you stock up on points to fly for free on your next vacation.

PayPal My Cash

Don’t get confused with the PayPal pre-paid cards you can buy at CVS. The card shown in the picture above is what you’re looking for.


You can load up to $500 per day into your PayPal account and up to $4,000 a month. The calendar resets on the 1st of the month.

Error 26 code when trying to load your funds

When I bought my first $500 card and I tried loading it to my PayPal account, I received an Error 26. I called PayPal and the My Cash department and no one could explain this error code. One representative claimed  a “system update” was in progress and to try back in a few hours. After doing a little research online, I found the resolution on PayPal’s website in the community forum.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
    The My Account Overview page opens.
  2. Click the Profile subtab.
    The Profile Summary page opens.
  3. In the Selling Preferences column, click the Payment Receiving Preferences link.
    The Payment Receiving Preferences page opens.
  4. Select No as your option from the Block payments for items not sold on eBay from U.S. users who do not provide a confirmed address section, as shown below:

After you save your changes, you should now be able to load your PayPal account with your My Cash card.

How to withdraw your money

1. You can withdraw to your bank account, but this will most likely draw attention to your account resulting in a warning or your account being shutdown.
2. Withdraw money using the PayPal Business debit card. The card is absolutely free and it takes about a week to arrive in the mail. If you can find an ATM that doesn’t charge any fees, then you’ll only be charged $1.50 by PayPal to withdraw your funds. You’re limited to withdrawing $400 per day. (Lucky for me, I have an ATM in my work building that doesn’t charge any fees.)
3. Load the money to your BlueBird card at Wal-Mart using your PayPal Business debit card. Just remember to set a pin for your debit card in your account after activating it.

Word of advice

I’ve only purchased 1 of these PayPal My Cash cards before, so I am no expert at testing which method works best! I would be VERY cautious with PayPal since they can shut your account down at any time and freeze your funds for 180 days! Only manufacture spend what you can afford to lose temporarily if PayPal does freeze your funds.

Best Method to prevent any frozen funds

I think the best method for withdrawing your funds would be #3 mentioned above. If you don’t care about losing your PayPal account, then this is how I would manufacture spend with PayPal My Cash cards:

1. Purchase your PayPal My Cash card for $500.
2. Drive over to Wal-Mart with your BlueBird card and your PayPal Business debit card. On your smartphone, deposit the $500 into your PayPal account while sitting in the parking lot.
3. Walk into Wal-Mart and transfer the $500 from your PayPal account to your BlueBird account using your PayPal Business debit card.

If PayPal decides to shut you down, you won’t have any money in your account for PayPal to freeze. You would have to do this 8 days out of the money to reach the $4,000/month limit that PayPal sets on our accounts for depositing My Cash cards.


If you have any advice or tips to add, please share them below in the comments section!