The phenoma of girls digging bartenders is hard to miss if you’ve ever frequented bars or nightclubs. So why do girls like bartenders? It’s not always the case of girls wanting to sleep with the bartender. Some are just looking for attention, raising their social value by getting to know people in the venue others are just looking for free drinks.

But still… there are plenty of women who throw themselves at bartenders. Bartenders are in a position of authority and power. They’re in a social setting which raises their value greatly. Being bartender is definitely not an impressive job that vows women so outside of your workplace you will still be viewed as a regular dude but on your home turf you do have value. Also your typical bartender in a popular bar is most likely going to be good looking and relatively young. There is a strong bias for hiring charismatic people, you will never really see quiet introverted dude working as a bartender.

As a bartender you will get constant practice on how to act in social interactions and deal with all kinds of people. You will meet the crazy party girl, the career women on a night out, the brat girl, the shy girl, basically any conceivable girl you can imagine except the most introverted type of girls who never frequent bars/nightclubs. Even if you’re just average at interacting with people in a bar before you start your bartender gig you will definitely be an expert after a few months. Often times, you didn’t really need to charm the girls, the girls are already warm to your approach so basically as long you don’t fuck it up, you can bang the girls that are interested in you.

If you’re reading this and looking for a reason to start working as a bartender – don’t! Become a bartender if you actually like the profession and have a passion for it otherwise I guarantee you, you will get burned out. Being a nightlife enviroment and sleeping during daytime is not “healthy”. Becoming a bartender at a decent bar or club is not a small accomplishment. If you live in a major city expect fierce competition. If you manage to climb the hiearchy in the bartender world there is definitely good Money to be made. Making several houndred or even thousands in one night is possible if you’re bartender in an exclusive club. Bartending is wild west capitalism, top 1% makes all the money and rest are getting by.

Also if you’re actually looking for quality girls to start a relationship with, bars and nightsclubs are the last place to look into it. Working in a bar will definately distort your world view. I simply don’t believe it’s possible to find a quality partner in nightlife enviroment. Might have happened to someone but never happened to me nor did I witness anyone else do it. However, if you’re only interested in slutty girls, then no worries.