Find yourself to the stary rynek, the main square and from there you will see plenty of bars and clubs nearby. Poznan is a rather small student town so beware that the nightlife really dies down during summer. To be completely honest, I would avoid the nightlife completely during the summer unless you’re on the older side(30+). The average age of the nightlife crowds goes up significantly during the summer because the student population is gone but that’s not the issue, I don’t age discriminate… the crowds get far smaller, it really does feel like you’re in a small town. With cities like Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw offering way more life than Poznan during the summer, I don’t see the reason why you would not take trip to the other polish cities for partying.

However, during school semesters the nightlife in Poznan is very alive and crowded. What I like the most is the friendly attitude. You don’t get the stuck up big city vibe in this place. Though I would say Poland in general, even in the bigger cities(some people will disagree with me)have surprsingly friendly attitudes. There is something about the friendly and warm culture of poles.

What also makes Poznan great is that crowded with tourists in the same way more popular european destinations are so locals are still patient and friendly with tourists. The clubs and bars are still majority polish unlike the clubs in prague where some nights you think there less czech people than tourists.

Dragon Bar

My first recommendation is a laid back bar, even though you might not expect from a club in smallish Poznan it does get crowded thoughout the week. Friendly staff and friendly guests. Easy to talk to people.

Pacha PoznaƄ

Nyet, nyet, nyet. Didn’t like this club attitude maybe I was unlucky but was greeted by some really rude bouncers and staff seemed annoyed with the customers. It’s a shame since the venue was pretty decent and it’s super close to stary rynek.

Cuba Libre

Young crowd, especially on mondays when it’s something kind of student deal I guess. Gets extremely crowded to the point that I see it as a negative rather than a positive. Could barely move when I was there monday night. However, the average age goes up rest of the week. As the name suggests, they play latin musc here. Liked the atmosphere, friendly and easy to connect with people so if you don’t might the crowds and not being able to move you will probably like it here. Even though I hate it when it’s too crowded I would still rate this as my favorite club in Poznan.