On June 18th at about 5:00pm CST, Walmart must have updated their systems nationwide to no longer accept Vanilla gift cards at Walmart. When choosing Debit at the kiosk and then entering your 4 digit pin, customers are getting an error message “Debit not available.” The customer service desk and the regular checkouts are not working either.

Vanilla visa gift card

I tried loading $500 to my BlueBird last night at around 10:00pm and it did not go through. There is one user on FlyerTalk reporting that if you choose $90 the transaction will go through. I’m going to check this out in the morning and see if the reports are true. If so, this means I’m going to have to spend significantly┬ámore time at the kiosk and Walmart is most likely going to incur more fees per swipe.

Not sure if this is just a system glitch or if Walmart is trying to discourage us from manufactured spending with our BlueBird cards. Either way, I have $1,000 I need to unload and I’m hoping the $90 swipe does the trick.

Stay tuned….

UPDATE: Vanilla gift cards are not working. It doesn’t matter which amount I try. Looks like I’ll have to move on to non-Vanilla gift cards.