It is with great sadness to announce that this will be my last post on Travel Hack Guy. I started my blog in March of 2014 to share my travel experiences with you all. After writing over 200 blog posts, it’s my time to move on.

Travel Hack Guy was a side hobby that I spent countless hours working on. If you recall, my professional career is in Information Technology and I would like to focus on earning more IT certifications so I can advance my career in the real world.

I will continue to be a part of the miles and credit card community, but I won’t be blogging about my stories anymore. I’ve had a wonderful time sharing all my tips and tricks with you, but also learning from you as well.

I’m positive the new owner will do a fine job at keeping the site up-to-date and keep you all informed of the latest offers and deals going on in the community. If you have any recommendations, I’m sure feedback will be appreciated using the contact form.


Thank you all for a wonderful ride!

~Richard / AKA, Travel Hack Guy



Farewell to all my readers!