My first impression of roaming around in Sapporo during the night was that it’s far more relaxed than other big cities in Japan. People aren’t as over dressed. The guys aren’t dressing up in expensive clothes and the girls are not wasting fortunes on designer clothes. The clubs feel more… welcoming.

Sapporo is a cosmopolitan city, the ski resorts in Hokkaido do attract skiing enthusiats from all over the world so they are used to seeing foreigners. You will notice this in the club, you will rarely ever be the lone gaijin if you stick to the bigger clubs in the city centre.

Another thing Worth mentioning about Sapporo’s nightlife is that the ratios are far more balanced here. In Tokyo most clubs are filled with dudes, in Sapporo it was far closer to even which was a pleasant surprise.

Where to stay

What I love about Sapporo is that you can tell it’s a more modern city planning. It’s easy to get around in the city centre where most of the nightlife is concentrated. Basically as long as you’re in the middle you will be fine. Sapporo is also a compact city, not spread out at all so even if you are out in the suburbs it usually doesn’t take long to commute to the city centre.

Rad Brothers

Here’s where you will find many fellow foreigners. It’s the go to bar for foreigners visiting and living in Sapporo. It’s a western syle bar with a small dance floor.

350 Bar

A bar where every drink is 350 yen. The bar itself is average but it’s cheap so that’s that.

Booty Disco

Besides having a hilarious name, it’s actually a good club. Good ratios between women and men. I did notice that most people came in couples or in groups. Not sure if I would visit this club solo.

Riviera Sapporo

Riviera is Sapporo’s mainstream club. It’s crowded and they have good djs. Bit expensive to get in though, it cost me over 3000 yen. It’s cheaper for women though, I think women can get in for 2000 yen or less but please double check with their homepage.