I’m heading out to North and South Carolina for a long Labor Day weekend with the family. Since I was approved for my Amex Platinum card back in May, I have yet to use the card to gain access to a Delta SkyClub. When I was looking for tickets to fly out and see the family for the holiday weekend, I purposely paid a little extra to fly Delta so I would be able to put my card to the test and see how this lounge compares to the other lounges I’ve visited so far this year.

I only have about an hour to sit here before my flight takes up, but the lounge is about 1/3 full and there was definitely no problem trying to find a seat. I thought it’d be a little busier for a Saturday. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I’ve flown on a Saturday. I usually always leave during the week and return on Sunday or Monday. I came to the airport right from work this morning so it’s a treat to be able to grab food on the go and not have to eat the crappy airport food like Burger King and McDonalds! I was able to find an English muffin with some jam, orange juice, and a yogurt. The alcohol is self serving, but It’s only 10:30am so I don’t think I’ll be hitting up the free booze!

Here are a few pictures of the Delta SkyClub in Minneapolis. Sorry for the dark pictures 🙁 I forgot my Sony digital camera so I had to take these on my smartphone:

Delta Minneapolis SkyClub 1

Delta Minneapolis SkyClub 2

Delta Minneapolis SkyClub 3

Delta Minneapolis SkyClub 4


Next time when I’m not in such a rush and coming right from work, I plan on coming at least 2 hours early before my flight so I can relax a bit more, have a drink, and get my money’s worth!