As I mentioned in my moscow nightlife guide, you also need to be aware of scams. The shady stuff that sometimes happens in Moscow also happens in Petersburg. Stay away from women who approaches you on the street who wants to drag you to a bar, I feel like a broken record to keep talking about it but nyet nyet nyet if a girl approaches you. Don’t follow a stranger to a bar. Overall, the Cosmopolitan vibe is similar to Moscow. Educated people and you will see foreigners on regular basis. However, much like Moscow the clubs aren’t filled with foreigners as you see in Prague or other EE Capitals closer to the west.

Dictator Bar

Love this bar. Centrally located and laid back atmosphere. Doesn’t have that uptight snobbish vibe that a lot of moscow bars have. Good ratio of men to women. Decent amount of foreigners visit this bar so you definitely won’t be standing out of the crowd being a westerner.

Club A2

Good venue, average prices, close to 50-50 ratio of men to women.