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It can be intimidating or confusing at first when you’re new to betting. I’ve written a few articles aimed at beginners who are more curious about online betting as well as other articles about betting you might find interesting.

Where & How to Bet Online | Best Online Sportsbooks – Read about the sites I recommend you use. I update this page regularly.

How Betting Odds Work –  Read this if you don’t even know the absolute basics.

Why I bet on MMA and not other sports – Don’t let the title fool you, there’s an important lesson here. Please read before taking the title literally =)

Sports Betting as a full time career

Interview: Paul the Grappler won $1.4 million last year betting on MMA – Interview with Paul who is a vegas veteran, killed the bookies back in 2017.

DFS vs Sports Betting – I do both but I explain which is better.

Sports Betting vs Stock Market