Ah yes, Stockholm, my favorite scandinavian city. Swedes are reserved and introverted but they know how to party once they get a little alcohol in their bodies. Good news for the most I would say nightlife hasn’t declined that much in Stockholm over the years. There is almost a worldwide trend of nightlife getting progressively worse but Stockholm is still going strong in my opinion.

I’ll be honest, as usual I’m writing from the viewpoint of a bachelor guy looking to hook up with the opposite sex. The ratios in bars and clubs have gotten slightly worse in Stockholm.

Cafe Opera

Still a good club with attractive women in numbers. Not too bad of a ratio, think it’s somewhere around 60% men 40% women. Not that hard to get in but please dress up and don’t show up to this club in a big group of guys otherwise you might get rejected. This club does have some standards. Outside of Stureplan, it’s definitely one of the harder clubs to get into.


I have a soft spot for Fasching, an awesome underrated Jazz club. Located very close to the central station exit. Between a burger king and a casino. The typical swede who goes to this club is a relaxed middle class swede looking for a night out. Not too many tourists/foreigners hang out here. It’s a bit of an unknown but popular with locals. The ratio of men to women is very solid for Stockholm, almost close 60-40, sometimes it even feels like 50-50. One of the best ratios in Stockholm.

Göta Källare

The southern part of Stockholm inner city is mostly filled with bars, the clubs here I would say are overall on the weaker side. Göta Källare which is located in the metro station is very average tbh. Not a horrible place, you can definitely do worse but nothing spectacular. Also the girls here tend to be average, definitely not as dressed up as in other clubs.


Kvarnen used to be a more hipster/leftist/trashy type of vibe but with the new entrance fees and higher prices the vibe definitely changed now it’s mostly a bar where middle class people hang out in. I actually like the club, it’s a relaxed atmosphere the ratio is good enough.


I’m going to summarize the whole area instead of discussing each club in this area. Stureplan is basically an area in the inner city of Stockholm where upper class and wannabe-upper class people hang out. Some clubs can be very difficult to get into unless you roll in with the company of women. If you’re going as a solo guy or even worse with a group of guys your chances of getting rejected are very high.

In short, the women are difficult to flirt with. Prices are high. People are very uptight and too busy playing theatre. This is why I don’t review the clubs/bars in this area because I think it’s a shithole and tourist trap both for foreigners and for swedes who are not from Stockholm. Is my opinion objective? Probably not, but that’s impression I have of Stureplan. But it’s not all bad, I’ve actually had decent nights out here but I wouldn’t never roll into these clubs again unless I’m a high roller. Are you a big shot? Sure, go ahead hit up those Stureplan clubs then.