I finally got my iPhone 6 Plus this past Saturday! I received my phone in time to be able to test out the free texting offered to T-Mobile customers on all GoGo enabled Delta flights. Apple released iOS 8.1 this past Monday and the settings have changed a little bit to enable free texting on iPhone 6 devices.

Old Settings

T-Mobile is instructing customers to change the setting “Send as SMS” to ON for both the sender and receiver. Before the iOS 8.1 update you could find this under your iPhone’s Settings, and then Messages. However, you’ll no longer see the setting there.

New Settings

You still have to go into your iPhone’s Settings, and then Messages. You’ll notice it’s a little different. I could no longer find the setting that said “Send as SMS”. I tried sending text messages after connecting to the GoGo wifi service, but they would not send. You now have to completely turn off “iMessage” in order to be able to send text messages via GoGo wifi. Below is a screenshot I took so you can see where the setting is located.

TMobile iPhone GoGo Flight Free Texting Settings_Fotor

Under your iPhone Settings, go to Messages, and turn off “iMessage”

After I turned iMessage off, I was able to send text messages for free while flying! This comes in extremely handy when I have someone picking me up from the airport. I can now tell them exactly when I’ll be landing so they don’t have to pay for parking.

Other iPhone users do NOT have to turn off iMessage. I was sending text messages to my partner who was on the ground and he received my messages just fine.

It looks like these changes are for the better! Before the texting wouldn’t work unless both iPhone users had “Send as SMS” turned on. Now it’s only the customer on the plane that has to worry about turning “iMessage” off.