Tallinn is a special case when it comes to nightlife. A decade ago the nightlife was just out of this world, women outnumbered men in the club(basically unheard of in Europe in 2018) but then came the cheap ryan air flights… and the clubs got filled with drunk westerners hitting up every mainstream club and the ratios quickly started to become like the sausage fests in London. Tallinn had been struck by the Prague-sausagefest-hammer and unfortunately, nearly all eastern European capital cities went down that route.

However, it seems nightlife in Tallinn has made a small comeback the ratios seems better than it was a few years ago but still far away from the glory day(I suspect the rising costs has something to do with this). If I’m wrong please correct me. But the positive about nightlife in Tallinn is that it’s very welcoming of foreigners. You probably won’t experience bad treatment, the bouncers aren’t tribal. If you can find the place, they will usually let you in if you dress the part.

Club Hollywood

Avoid this club during high season, especially summer. Foreign dudes everywhere, the ratio of men to women is horrendous during the summer but it’s actually not that bad during low season. It’s really day and night between low season and high season.

Pudel Baar

One of the more well known spots in Tallinn. Cosy and casual atmosphere with a wide selection of drinks. People usually come here in groups so not sure if I suggest hitting up this bar solo.

Depeche Mode Baar

As Pudel Baar, Depeeche Mode is one of the more well known spots. I think both bars are great options to start out your night Before hitting up the nightclubs but beware of you’re coming here to meet girls, both Depeche and Pudel are filled with tourist dudes during the summer atleast(not sure about low season).

Nightclub Cafe Amigo

If you feel you’re too old for club hollywood, cafe amigo is an option. The crowd here is usually 30 and up. Some 20 something youngsters here too.