I love American Express! They give out so much free money via their Amex Offers program. I logged into our American Express accounts tonight and both Teddy and I had an offer for $25 off Staples.com when you spend $100 or more.

Why is this such a great deal? Staples.com sells gift cards and this Amex Offer works on both Visa gift cards and store brand gift cards.

My first instinct was to purchase a $200 Visa gift card. I could easily liquidate the gift card with my BlueBird card, but after noticing the gift card fee of $6.95, I began to look for other gift cards. Even if I bought the Visa gift card, I would still come out ahead $18.05. However, this is free money and I want to make sure I receive all $25!

How to check for the offer

  1. Log into your AmericanExpress.com account.
  2. Click on the “Amex Offers For You” tab. (Do this for EVERY Amex card you have! The offer may appear more than once!)
  3. Don’t forget to click the “See More Offers” link to display all Amex Offers.
Amex Offers

Don’t forget to click on “See More Offers” to display every offer for that Amex card.

Buying Visa gift cards

As mentioned above, Staples.com does sell Visa gift cards. The fee is $6.95 per card, so you’ll only come out $18.05 ahead. I recommend you buy a store brand gift card like a Whole Foods gift card. That way you can maximize your earnings and receive ALL $25 cash back.

Staples $200 gift card

Staples.com does sell $200 Visa gift cards, but they come with a $6.95 fee.

Store brand gift cards

Staples.com does NOT charge any fee when you buy store brand gift cards. This means you could buy a gift card to Home Depot, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, Target, etc.

I decided to buy a $100 gift card to Whole Foods since I shop there every week. Within a minute of making my purchase, I received a confirmation from American Express that I just used an Amex offer.

Staples Store Brand gift cards

Staples.com sells store brand gift cards to a variety of stores. This is a better deal since there’s no fee to buy these types of gift cards.

Final thoughts

This is an excellent deal since you can receive a $100 gift card for as little as $75! The offer expires on February 7, 2015. Make sure you add the offer to your card before others snatch it up. American Express only allows so many offers to be claimed before they stop offering the deal.

Were you able to find this deal on any of your Amex cards? How many cards did it appear on?