If you’re thinking about applying for the Delta American Express Gold card, you need to check out this site first! http://DeltaAmexCard.com. I just discovered this site and it appears that it’ll give you a targeted offer higher than the public offers mentioned on American Express’ website!

Currently American Express is offering 30,000 miles on their website for the Gold card. However, when I went to the website above and entered my Delta SkyMiles number, I was offered 35,000 miles if approved for the card. I’ve read reports online that some users in the past have been offered 50,000 or even 100,000 miles!

If you don’t have a Delta frequent flyer number yet, then head on over to Delta.com and create a free account. I did this for my partner then headed back to DeltaAmexCard.com to check out his offer and he too was offered 35,000 miles!

Delta 35,000 Miles Offer