If you have an upcoming trip, you may want to check your Amex Offers when you login to your AmericanExpress.com. I just found a DoubleTree offer that’s giving a $40 statement credit off your next stay!

Amex Offer

Get a one-time $40 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $175+ on all charges to your room, including your room rate, when you pay for your stay with DoubleTree by Hilton between 11/24/14 and 2/2/15.

Use the offer more than once

I have 5 American Express cards in my account, and this deal was only listed on my Platinum card. However, if you find the deal across multiple Amex cards and you have more than a 1 night stay coming up, you could split your transaction up across multiple Amex cards. Just make sure that you put at least $175 on each card that has the offer. For example, if you see this deal on two of your Amex cards and you’re staying at a DoubleTree for two nights and the cost per night is $199, just pay for each night on separate Amex cards. You’ll then get the $40 statement credit on each room.

In order to charge your stay on multiple credit cards you’ll have to go down to the front desk when checking out and let them know how you’d like to pay. I did this back in July when I stayed at a DoubleTree in London. I put $1,200 on my Capital One Venture card since I had 120,000 miles to use, and the remaining balance I put on my American Express Hilton Surpass card to earn 12x points for the remainder of my cost.

American Express $40 Dollar Doubletree credit

Amex Offers is giving $40 statement credit when you spend $175 at a DoubleTree hotel. Check your Amex offers on all your cards to see if you qualify for the offer more than once!

I’m not sure if Hilton hotels sell gift cards, but if they do you should be able to walk into a DoubleTree and buy a $175 gift card and earn your $40 statement credit that way. This offer expires on February 2, 2015. so If you have a trip after that, call your local DoubleTree to see if they sell gift cards. Let me know if you have success in the comments section below!