If you’re looking to relocate to east europé don’t do the mistake of just looking at living costs and nightlife. Obviously those are important factors, we all want to have fun. Especially if you’re a bachelor looking for a party town. Keep in mind that I’m talking about living as opposed to visiting. You want to factor and bunch of stuff rather than only looking at how hot & easy are the women and how cheap it is. This is primitive way to look at it and this is why you see foreigners moving in and out of EE countries 24/7.

Ukraine is nice, how about Kiev or Odessa?

Okay, you can’t discuss relocation to eastern europe without hearing Kiev or Odessa. The reason is, you got a lot of guys looking to score with hot girls and also add in the fact that Ukraine is among the cheapest country in all of Europe to live in so you would think it’s an excellent choice. However, The culture shock is real, if you’re coming from the west, Ukraine will probably be too east for you.

In all due respect to Ukraine, it has a lot of things going for it but it’s really hard country to create a long term life. We’re talking about a country where corruption is part of daily life. Going to the doctor? Don’t forget to bribe him with a $20 bill and a bottle of vodka. Even ukrainians themselves are often looking to move out of the country. The situation is honestly grim here and to be quite frank I’ve met very few foreigners who pulled it off staying here long term. Most had a honey moon phase and went back to their home country or to a more developed EE country. You can even tell by the girls’ attitude that the opportunities here are grim. If I may generalize, in comparies to the more wealthier EE countries, a lot of women are looking to marry early with a guy who has a stable career. Being a broke artist might work in the UK dating market but here in Ukraine that’s going to come off as a major turn off.

But it’s certainly not all bad here. I recommend taking a trip to Kiev, have fun, party for 1-2 months and I’ll bet you that you will seriously reconsider thinking about moving here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Nyet, nyet, nyet. Maybe fun to visit but unless you like living in an expensive place.. yes prices have basically skyrocketed in the last decade and property is not cheap here anymore. You will see hoardes of tourists everywhere in Prague, sometimes I wonder how many native czech people is left in this place. Prague used to be the most hyped up place in CE/EE but those days are long gone. Saying that the local women are tired of thirsty western dudes is an understatement. Even though Prague is not my choice, I do see a few positives. The city is genuinely beatiful, you definitely don’t get the grim communist feeling as you get in Ukraine and parts of Poland. Czech Republic is also EE light kinda like Poland. Stable government, low levels of corruption, you get the feeling of living in stable western country.

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is a big city and the economic hub of east europe. You have legitimate opportunities for business & career here and you can actually stay here long term without pulling out your hair. Btw, lots of ukrainans live in Warsaw and more are coming. But even considering all that… Warsaw has a pretty bad reputation among dudes looking to explore east europe since it’s not a particularly cheap city and people in 2nd tier cities like Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow are friendlier. Also Warsaw is expensive. Poland is a proper well developed country, in fact it’s even richer than most south european EU countries. That’s how much the economy have grown over the last decade. Poland is a well functioning country and corruption is not part of the daily life, therefore if you’re looking for more than just having fun in EE for few months, Poland should be at the top of your list for long term relocation.

Poznan, Poland

I will admit, Poznan has some major advantages over Warsaw, one being the living costs and the other one being that people are more welcoming and warmer than your typical big city inhabitant. The reason I don’t pick Poznan over Warasw is because I’m biased, I hate friggin hate small towns. Poznan isn’t tiny rural in the bum fuck of nowhere but it has a population of 500k, so it’s a smallish city. If you’re a big city person you will definitely get bored out of your mind after a while.

Mother russia! Petersburg or Moscow, major cities with opportunities

What I like about Russia is that there is actually no stigma with being a foreign guy in Petersburg or Moscow. There is no “sex tourist” stamp on your forehead. That said, you will be paying to live here. I would lean towards Petersburg since the costs here are significantly lower than Moscow. There is a quite a big gap between the two since most russian millionaires tend to congreate in Moscow not in Petersburg, so therefore the real estate prices are still humane.

I don’t need to repeat what millions of other people have already stated online, yes the hype is warranted, russian women are hot. Here’s the big downside with living in Russia. If you actually plan to relocate here you really need to russian to make it expect very limited social circle opportunities if you’re solely relying on english. Don’t expect the attractive girls to know any more english than “hello, my name is …”. Unlike poles, your average russian speaks horrible english. Russia is usually a too big of a cultural shock(as Ukraine, expect daily corruption) for most westerners to deal with. Most long termers here are usually here because of business so they have no other option to stay here for the time being. The foreigners who come here simply out of interest usually don’t last – unfortunately.