I want to preface this article by saying that Vilnius is a safe city overall. It’s even safer than most western cities and by far more safer than most eastern european cities. Being alone in east london at night felt a lot more scary than I’ve ever felt in Vilnius. Generally speaking you won’t really find very dangerous cities in the Baltics as they are among the most well developed in the former soviet block. The tourist sites in Vilnius are particularly safe.


A centrally located district with a primarily middle class and upper middle class clientele. The property prices here are a bit out of reach for your typical lithuanian worker. Very clean and safe area. Never felt uncomfortable walking around here. Lots of Tech people and bohemians live here


The north part of antakalnis can be rough but the southern part is a popular residential area. The district is surrounded by greenery. Even the northern part isn’t that rough in comparsion to the real “ghetto” areas of Vilnius.


The old town district of Vilnius. Expensive and filled with tourists during high season. Very safe around here. There isn’t much to say here except that the biggest risk here is you will eat at overpriced restaurants. It’s the city centre so at night of course crime will occur by the sheer amount of people that frequent this district.


Naujamiestis is undergoing a gentrification process. Property prices are going up and the clientele is slowly changing. Some parts are bad some parts are good. As you move closer to the rail station it becomes a lot more seedier area, especially at night. I strongly suggest that you don’t walk solo around the railway area at night. Lots of homeless, drug people, and overall seedy characters frequent the area.

However, the North part of the naujamiestis, closer the city centre is actually a pretty good area. It’s convienent with its proximity to the city centre and isn’t that expensive. For Tourists, I would still recommend to stick to the city centre rather than Naujamiestis but if you are a student or coming here for work a longer period of time than Naujamiestis is a good area to consider because you find good rental deals here in comparsion to other areas with similar distances to the city centre. In short: Naujamiestis is good value to price ratio but certain quarters are rough.


Bordering Naujamiestis you find Naujininkai, an even cheaper district than Naujamiestis but further away from the city centre and the area has a bad rep. Naujininkai is located at the south of railway station. Like many other districts close to the city centre the area is improving. Lots of students live here because of the cheap rents. As with Naujamiestis, the area to the north around the railway station is the bad part of naujininkai. Naujininkai is a large district so depending on where you are it can be a difficult commute to the city centre.

Definitely don’t recommend this district for a short term trip as it’s a bit “off” but the area isn’t as bad as its reputation suggest. If you’re coming here long term on a budget you might want to consider it.


Another area with a bad rep is Fabijoniškės. However, unlike Naujininkai, Fabijoniškės felt a lot safer. It’s a cheap area but not a dangerous area at all. It’s mostly low income families and students living here. I know this is subjective but I didn’t really see “shady” characters in this district even though I was told they’re everywhere here.