Best Nightclubs in Tokyo for foreigners 2018

Tokyo nighclub scene is ever changing. Here’s my 2 cents on how the scene looks like in 2018. My first impression of hitting up the clubs in Tokyo 2018 is that – the amount of foreigners have for sure increased quite a lot over the last 2-3 years(something I also mentioned in my Osaka nightlife blog post).

A lot of clubs that used to be frequented by 95%+ japanese with the odd ball foreigner here and there now have a sizeable foreign minority.
Even when you venture outside of the mainstream areas(shibuya, shinjuku, roppongi) you will still run into foreigners.

Does this mean that your average foreign dude rolling through clubs is dropping value since their exoticness is going out the window? Yes and no. Yeah definitely need to up your game if you’re an average but strong players are still doing well. You can forget about japanese people throwing money your way and buying you drinks since you’re a “cool gaijin”… anyhow I’m going off topic so let’s start reviewing the clubs one by one instead:

Club Harlem – Shibuya

This hip hop club is based in Shibuya. I would say the average age is a little bit higher than usual, lots of 30 and up people in this club. Still many 20-29 year olds here so you definitely won’t feel out of place if you’re on the younger side. If you’re a black guy looking to hook up with japanese girls in a club enviroment, harlem is probably your best bet for a night out. I’m not a big fan of hip hop but… club harlem has an impressive ratio of men to women. The venue itself is pretty average(and the prices as well). Can get a bit crowded and difficult to move around on weekends.

TK – Shibuya

Another shibuya club. They play typical house, techno club music. The average age here is around 25 I would say, sligthly younger average age than Harlem. You won’t stand out if you’re 30 or 20. Very japanese crowd even though it’s a relatively mainstream club. The amount of foreigners have been steadily increasing though, it used to be almost entirely japanese but now you will atleast see a dozen foreigners at minimum at any given night. The girls aren’t as much into foreigners as they are in a typical roppongi club but they’re still relatively open minded about hooking with a foreign guy. One major positive thing I noticed about TK is that the ratio is good here. Around 60% men, 40% women. This is solid considering most other clubs, especially in roppongi have really bad ratios. In fact, I would go as far as say this might be one of the best mainstream clubs in Tokyo to hookup with japanese girls. Lots of space, the venue is big and even though it gets crowded you’re probably not going to suffocate here.

Atom – Shibuya

Even a more native japanese crowd than T2 but Atom is usually my second choice for clubbing in Shibuya. The venue is a bit smaller than T2 and not as comfy. Also as with T2 you gotta put in the work to hook up here. A general rule with Shibuya clubs is… you don’t have packs of gaijin hunters roaming in the club so as a foreigner you’re usually not given any extra special points.

V2 – Roppongi

Roppongi gets a bad rep but I don’t think V2 is actually that bad. It’s on the expensive side(which I honestly think is a good thing for roppongi since it filters out some of the unwanted people). Even though this club has been getting good reviews online & hype, the club is still going strong in the year 2018. It hasn’t turned into a sausage fest. A notorious problem with roppongi clubs is that the ratios are awful, like 70-80% men with simply too many foreigners chasing the same dozen available j-girls in the club. It’s definitely not 50-50 here but it’s also not that bad and many girls are open to foreign guys.

Jumanji 55 – Roppongi

If you want a cheap bear to start the night with you might wanna hang out at Jumanji but for hooking up I would say it’s horrible. Expect sausage fest and foreigners everywhere. Definitely one of the worst places in Roppongi for hook up… BUT the venue itself is not that bad though and the prices are very competitive. If you’re just hanging out or starting your night, give it a chance.

WOMB – Shibuya

It hurt’s me to say this but WOMB was once an excellent club but it has unfortunately turned into a tourist trap. If you’re a single guy looking for women to chat up, I’m sorry to say this club has been struck by the infamous sausage fest-hammer. Expect many many foreigners and many many dudes. I assume all the hype it received back in 2016 and 2015 turned it to goto destination for nearly all the gaijin dudes in Tokyo. But besides the ratio, the entertainment and venue is terrific. You have big time techno DJs playing here regularly and awesome club. The bottom floor is the quiet area where they serve drinks and 2 party floors(if memory serves me correctly) upstairs. But even though the venue is good, the ratio is so bad I wouldn’t want to come back here. Update: I know this review is going to confuse people since WOMB gets a lot of praise online but those reviews are outdated. Pay attention to publish date!

Ageha – Shin-Kiba

Ageha is a decent club. The venue is great but for hooking up I would say it’s average. Lots of foreigners in this club. Annoying part with this club: logistics. You need to take bus or a cab from shibuya station to get here and also a somewhat expensive club. Expect above 3000Y entrance and drinks are not cheap. However, if you’re looking for big crazy parties this the club you want. Depending on what you looking for you might have a blast here but I wouldn’t recommend a solo bachelor hitting up this club.