I’ve finally decided to merge my travel blog with Arashu.com. That means that http://travelhackguy.com redirects to my personal blog http://arashu.com from now and all the content from THG has been moved here.

I should also mention that most of the content from THG was not written by me. I purchased THG back in 2015 but I have decided that keeping seperate sites is a bad idea as there is not enough time to update two blogs. I will continue my travel blogging on this site along with other topics I blog about.

If you’re only interested about traveling you might find it annoying that I also blog about entrepreneurship, nutrition, working out and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. I understand if you want to say goodbye and find yourself another travel blog to follow. However, if you don’t mind non-travel related topics then welcome on board and hope you enjoy my blog!