You may want to check your AAdvantage account over on My US Airways miles officially transferred to my AAdvantage account early Sunday morning.

I was approved for the US Airways card back in December and collected 50,000 miles after purchasing a $1 Amazon gift card and paying the $89 annual fee. This was honestly one of the best deals ever, simply because you were virtually getting 50,000 miles for next to nothing.

Since I knew US Airways and American Airlines were merging, I didn’t have any need to spend miles on a US Airways flight. I decided I would patiently wait for the miles to convert over into my AAdvantage account and then book my reward tickets. I often like to book 1-way award tickets and US Airways doesn’t allow 1-way award tickets at half the cost ;-(

I assume there are plenty of other travel hackers that waited for their US Airways Dividend Miles and AAdvantage accounts to merge. If you have award tickets that you need to book, I would start looking now before others realize they can now use their miles from their AAdvantage account! Award tickets can go fast if you’re traveling to a popular destination.

What can I book with my 50,000+ US Airways miles?

I booked my parent’s return flight home from Honolulu next January in First/Business Class for 37,500 33,750 miles each! If your Barclaycard US Airways card is still open, you should now earn 10% of your miles back when redeeming miles on How come? This is an exclusive offer for Barclaycard Aviator card holders.

AA First Class Hawaii

Book a 1-way ticket to or from Hawaii for 37,500 miles in First/Business Class!

Looking to fly over to Europe this summer? You could book an Economy ticket over to London for only 30,000 each way! If you want to fly Business class, that will cost you 50,000 AAdvantage miles. Just try to avoid British Airways as an airline. Otherwise you’ll end up paying a few hundred dollars in fuel surcharge fees.

AA miles to London

Fly to London for only 30,000 AAdvantage miles! You can avoid British Airways fuel surcharge fees.

If you need to top off your AAdvantage account even further to book your return flight home, there are still plenty of Citi 50,000 AAdvantage mile offers floating around. Granted these new credit cards will come with a spending requirement of about $3,000, but you can easily overcome that with manufactured spending.

Where do you plan on using your miles to fly to? Let me know in the comments below!