If you have read my previous articles you would notice a common thread – tourists/foreigners are becoming a more common sight. As usual you want to avoid expensive tourist traps that’s usually located in the city centres. Even though Warsaw has become far more global and cosmopolitan it’s still not tourist-infested town in the same way Prague is.

And here comes the bad news… I would say overall Warsaw has one major weakness. If you’re a guy you need to choose your clubs with care because Warsaw clubs tend to be sausage fests and it’s actually not the cause of western tourists turning it into sausage fest. Unlike other EE cities, far more local men go to clubs compared to women so the ratios are just naturally bad here. Might have been like this even before Poland joined the european union(if you’re a long timer in Warsaw feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) . So, if you’re a bachelor looking to party and hooking up there are better options out there than Warsaw but there are also worse options. You can still do alright in this city.

Level 27

Expensive – yes but one of the better clubs you will find. You will for the most part not see shady characters in this club because of its prices and popularity. Not difficult to get in at all however try to dress in a way that signales that you will spend money. Even though it’s a big place it still gets to a point where you can barely move without hitting someone with your elbow, it gets very crowded at friday and saturday nights. Ratio between men and women is good enough. Not quite 50-50 but not very far from it either.

Club Mirage

A very average place in my mind. If you’re a guy looking for luck with the opposite sex you will disappointed to find out the ratios of men to women is really bad here, a lot more men than women. If I may be blunt, the food here tasted like s***. Definitely not a place I’m going back to, far better options in Warsaw. The only redeeming quality this club had was that the venue was large and I’ve heard worse music in other clubs.

Room 13

Located in mazowiecka street. One of the better clubs in Warsaw. Packed at weekends but i’ll repeat myself, nightclubbing in hopes for getting a polish girl in Warsaw is generally not the best idea. Even Room 13 don’t have excellent ratio of men to women.

The reason why I kept my reveiew of warsaw nightlife relatively short is because to be frank, Warsaw is like the Toronto of Eastern EuropĂ©. I began the article saying about how you need to choose the right club with care. Generally you’re not getting value for money in Warsaw. Other EE cities offer better nightlife and less dudes for cheaper prices. It’s not that surprising that Warsaw offers the weakest nightlife since it’s one of the most westernised cities in the eastern block. You basically get the ratios of London – where men grossly outnumber the women and you don’t get the best of London – one of the most diverse and amazing nightlife in the solar system. You get the bad without the good more or less. The only advantage Warsaw have is that is still cheaper than most western cities.

However, there’s a lot of positives with Warsaw. Outside the nightlife the city is not that bad. It’s decently sized, 3million people. Affordable living costs and women are for the most very approachable outside nightlife. But if your sole reason for coming to Warsaw is to hit up the bars and clubs I suggest you head to Ukraine, Baltics, Serbia or 2nd tier city in Poland like Poznan or Wroclaw.