We leave for Italy and Paris this Friday! I’m so excited to be heading back to Europe. Teddy has never been to Europe before or flown out of the country. I think I’m more excited for him to experience a new culture! I always joke with him that he’s never been outside the country before, even though he has via a cruise ship. However, a cruise ship is a little difference since you only get to spend a few hours at each port. This time he’ll actually be staying in the country and experience the country’s culture.

I am so organized for this trip that we can kick back and not have to worry about what to do next. I booked everything through CityWonders.com (I’ll review our activities later on after we get back from our trip) so we won’t have to wait in lines to buy tickets or worry about tickets being sold out.

Normally when Teddy and I go on vacation, we won’t plan much until we get there. We’re both kind of scatterbrained that way and we like to wander and find things to do via our smart phones. Honestly, not the best way to plan a vacation, so I think I’m excited to just be organized! I have a calendar printed out with each activity and time filled in on the appropriate date.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to for our trip

1. Our flight – We’re flying US Airways First/Business Class in their Envoy suites. This will be my 2nd time flying First/Business Class to Europe. Teddy has never flown First Class before, besides on Sun Country when we went to New York last year. Obviously this is going to be a whole new experience for him. Even though the reviews for US Airways service are non-stellar, I think he’s still going to be very pleased since he’s only ever known Coach class.

US Airways Envoy

Since we’re flying in US Airways Envoy class, our seats convert into full lie-flat beds!

2. The food – We have purposely been avoiding Italian food because we know we’re going to be eating a lot of it the next 2 weeks. I actually don’t have any restaurants picked out yet for Italy or Paris. So please, if you have anything you could recommend, let me know in the comments below! I did call up American Express Concierge to have them send recommendations for each city we’ll be visiting, but I don’t think that’s the same as someone who has actually been to the restaurant.

Italian Restaurant

Teddy and I both love Italian food! I would have to stay it’s our favorite. We’re both looking forward to some good food!

3. Shopping – Teddy and I both love brands such as G-Star Raw and Diesel. When I went to Germany last summer, their prices for G-Star were literally half the price of what they charge here in the United States! You can walk into a G-Star store and easily spend $300 on 1 pair of pants. Last year in Germany the stores ranged anywhere from €59 – €110 for a pair of pants! I told Teddy this and he’s already looked up the address for G-Star in Rome 😉 Hopefully the prices will be comparable to Germany’s.

Italy Shopping

You can’t visit Italy and not do any shopping! Italy is the fashion capital of the world! I’m excited to see the latest trends.

4. Taking the train – I can’t remember the last time I’ve ridden on a train. We’re taking the train from Rome to Florence and then from Florence to Venice. I haven’t told Teddy yet, but I splurged and booked us in ItaliaRail’s Executive class for our hour and half train ride to Florence. There’s only 8 seats in this class and it’s geared towards business travelers.

This is ItaliaRail’s description of Executive class: Single seats on each side of carriage, Spacious ultra-wide leather seats, Complimentary access to Freccia Club lounges, Gourmet meals and Complimentary beverages served at your seat. Includes access to Executive meeting space with HD monitor & special catering services.


it’s been a long time since either one of us has taken a train ride! It’ll be nice to travel by something other than an airline.

5. Sightseeing – I’d have to double-check, but I think we have 14 activities booked over the course of 2 weeks! I think I’m most excited to see the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower. Again, or tickets are pre-booked so we just have to show up at our designated meeting place and we get to walk right in! I hope this works as well as City Wonders says it does. Teddy and I aren’t much on museums, but we are going to see 1 in Florence and the Louvre in Paris.

Colosseum in Rome

I’m not sure what Teddy is most excited to see, but the Colosseum is on the top of my list!


If you have any recommendations for our trip, please share in the comments below! We’ll be in Italy and Paris from April 11 – 25!