So you just signed up for a Citi AAdvantage card and you’ve received your signup bonus miles! The question now is “When do my bonus AAdvantage miles expire?” I wondered the same question after receiving my first 100,000 miles signup offer from Citi and AA. There are two parts to this question:

First part of my answer: Once your miles post to your account, they expire within 18 months. That means if you don’t use any of your miles from your signup bonus within this time frame, you’re going to lose your miles and you won’t be able to get them back! When you login to your account, you can check to see when your miles expire by going to the “Summary Date” section and check the 4th line down. (Screenshot is below.)

American Airlines Miles Expire

Second part of my answer: The¬†good news that I’ve found out is if you have additional miles post to your account, it will actually push your expiration date back and you’ll be able to keep your miles longer! When I received my first 100,000 miles, the expiration date was originally set for October 15, 2015. However, now that I’ve earned another 100,000 miles and my partner has also sent me 3,000 miles from his account, its pushed my expiration date to December 24, 2015 as shown in the the picture above.

If you have miles that are about to expire, then I would suggest having a friend or family member send you 1,000 miles if possible so you can have your expiration date extended. If your friends or family members don’t have any miles to spare, then you can always buy miles. This just costs a little bit more than if you were to receive miles as a gift.