Alaska Airlines does not belong to any of the 3 major alliances. In fact, they are partnered with 14 different airlines so you can use your Alaska Airline miles to book award flights with other airlines such as Delta, American Airlines, Air France, and more!

On top of that, you can also use your Alaska Airlines frequent flyer miles so any time you fly on one of their partnered airlines such as the ones mentioned above you’ll earn miles. Why would you want to do this? If you aren’t loyal to 1 particular airline (such as myself) and are able to fly on these partnered airlines, you’ll earn all your miles in 1 account!

Here’s an example, say you fly Delta, instead of giving them your Delta frequent flyer number, you’d give them your Alaska Airlines account number. Then let’s say you fly American Airlines the next time, you’d still give AA your Alaska Airlines account number so all your miles are pooled into 1 account! This way you don’t have miles separated in your Delta account and then miles in your American Airlines account. Once you’ve accumulated enough miles in your Alaska Airlines account, you can book an award flight on any of the 14 airlines they have a partnership with!

Alaska Airlines does have a credit card through Bank of America and the signup bonus is hovering right around 25,000 right now. This is enough for 1 economy ticket within the continental U.S.!

This card will definitely be in one of my future app sprees!