I only have one American Express card that benefits from the Membership Rewards and that’s the Platinum charge card. I was approved for the Platinum card back in May and this is my main card I throw all of my purchases on for the protection. So what happens to my Membership Rewards if I decide to close my Platinum card? I would lose my points. All of them!

Amex Membership Rewards are great, because you can transfer your points to partnering airlines such as Delta, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue and more! Your points typically transfer at a 1 : 1 ratio and American Express will often have transfer bonuses! This means throughout the year you may be able to find a special where if you transfer x amount of points, American Express will add on an additional 25%! This is an excellent exchange! For example, if you were to transfer 50,000 Membership Rewards to an airline partner such as Delta, you could receive an extra 12,500 miles for a grand total of 62,500 miles!

So what should you do if you want to cancel an Amex card that benefits from Membership Rewards, but you don’t want to lost your points? Here are the two best options in my opinion:

    1. Transfer your points to a participating airline partner before you close the card. You’ll have to do some research to see which airline suits your needs. In my case, that would be Delta and British Airways. British Airways is a great alternative because they are partnered with American Airlines and I could book an AA award flight through BA.com.
    2. You could open another Amex card that benefits from the Membership Rewards (such as the Premier Rewards Gold card or the EveryDay card). As long as you have at least one card open that is linked to your Membership Rewards account, then you will not lose your points when one of the cards is closed.

If you have multiple cards that benefit from the Membership Rewards program, you can always login to your AmericanExpress.com account and check to make sure that your cards list the same Program Number. You can find your Program Number in the top right-hand corner of the site after logging in and selecting your card that benefits from the Membership Rewards program. Here’s a screenshot below:

Amex Membership rewards

(Screenshot of how to locate your Amex Membership Rewards account number)


As a general rule of thumb for other cards, you will lose your points/miles if you close your credit card! Whether you have the Barclaycard Arrival, Capital One Venture, Chase Sapphire Preferred, etc. make sure to use up your miles or transfer them before closing your credit card!