Unlike Poznan, the city doesn’t become deserted during the summer. The nightlife is alright even during the summer. What immediately jumps out in comparsion to Poznan is that the foreign presence is very visible here. Wroclaw is far more touristy. You basically will never be the only foreigner ever in a nightclub in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw has a sligthly more “big city” vibe than the smaller provincial towns. People can be a bit more distant and cold. But that doesn’t mean that nightlife is bad here. For a night out, you want to find yourself to the main square. As most other cities not named Warsaw in Poland, everything is concentrated to the city centre so you should never be more than walking distance away from the bar or club you want to visit.

Casa de la Musica

Great cocktails, gets crowded but overall nice atmosphere. Good ratio between men and women, roughly split.


Small place so can get annoying to move around here. Cheap prices. My only complaint is that they could have actually been stricting showing people the door when they had too much drink. People kept spilling everywhere and the floor was really dirty when I was there. Wasn’t a big deal for me.

Night Club Malawi

I have mixed opinion on Club Malawi. They can be somewhat strict at the door, can be hard to get in. The club itself is alright, not great but good. The prices are bit high for polish standards though. So I’ll give this club an average score, nothing really bad about it but not a place I would make my number one pick.