You’re going to visit Yokohama or you’re already here and don’t want or can’t to take the train to Tokyo? Don’t worry! It’s not difficult to have a great night out in Yokohama.

Similar to Tokyo there is definitely a foreign presence here as well. Yokohama is for the most part a smaller version of Tokyo. It’s very international here as well, so you can expect that most clubs also have atleast a few foreigners roaming. You will find comments online describing Yokohama as far more “japanese” experience than Tokyo but that’s not the case anymore. As with most things related to Japan, pay attention when those rumours/comments were made. Things change fast here.

This could just me being lucky but I was treated well by the staff no matter where I went. As a gaijin I felt welcome pretty much everywhere I went.

Where to stay

Unlike Tokyo, the nightlife is far more concentrated. Which is a good thing. Basically, if you’re somewhere in Nishi-ku you will be close to most clubs and bars.

Party Zone Yokohama

Disco club with a mix of foreigners and locals partying it up. I would say the amount of foreigners here is unusually high even by Yokohama standards. Otherwise, loved the venue and music. Nice staff, no trouble at all getting in. The average age here is on the older side, most people are over 25, think the average is around 30.

The Bridge Yokohama

Hip hop club and Young crowd. Most people were under 25 here. In my opinion the best hip hop club you will find in Yokohama. Also, if you’re interested in hooking up japanese girls, this club actually had a good ratio for whatever reason.